How to fulfill the requirements for quality processing of the thesis?

Before embarking on the actual process of writing a thesis, it is essential to enrich and realize a few key steps that should precede the final cleanup. At the same time, these initial, sub-subpages will deepen the author’s orientation in the researched subject, thus aiming at the determination of quality research questions and at the same time assume the quality of the diploma work. So what is the most important step in starting a diploma thesis?

As the diploma thesis documents the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the student by its nature, it should have an analytical-synthetic dimension, which means the graduate’s ability to analyze the acquired knowledge and knowledge, its ability to compare or synthesize according to its own judgment. The guarantee of achieving the stated character of the work is the methodology of the steps, which should start with the preparation of the preliminary plan, the so-called. project. The project should include:

  • and the research issue to be addressed
  • brief characteristics and preliminary structure (content) of the final thesis
  • methodological apparatus
  • timetable
  • list of information sources, literature (search)

The content quality of the thesis is determined not only by the quantity but also by the expertise of the relevant information sources. The basis of a relevant search is the correct input of the keywords, which we recommend to consult with the supervisor of your final work in determining the structure, respectively. content creation. The search can be done by the student himself but also on order in library workplaces. After making it, it is advisable to inform the trainer, who will determine the relevance of the bibliographic records, or recommend other resources. In this context, you have to bear in mind that not all information, especially in law, in social work, in behavioral science, and others, is of lasting value, which is natural in terms of changing legislation, law, and so on. In particular, the search should include current bibliographic references, not more than ten years old.

The most relevant professional information can be found in the journal literature. When working with monographic (book) literature, we do not recommend working with information that is more than 5-8 years old. However, we do not want to say that the information must be strictly invalid or irrelevant.

In addition to the library catalogs, another valuable source of information is the bibliographic database, e.g. Web of Science Core Collection. This database contains bibliographic data, abstracts of works and is also an important analytical instrument that allows to find out who the author quotes and who was cited.

Finally, we note that in collecting literature, the student must bear in mind that in the library workstations, the information resource can only be available on-site, or can be borrowed. Therefore, it is desirable to have, at the very beginning of the final qualification work, a clear basic structure of the work and key words and then focus on the collection of relevant information sources.

Underestimating the process of obtaining information, selecting it and summarizing it is often a fundamental mistake that causes so-called. So, we believe that enough time to think about and prepare a preliminary plan for writing a diploma thesis as well as a regular tutorial consultation is the primary guarantee of a quality final copy.